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  • Fall 2015 Chart v3 (2015.09.30) : Fall 2015 Anime
  • Summer 2015 Chart v3 (2015.06.28) : Summer 2015 Anime

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    Picture of the day – 25/11/2015


    Didn’t check the tags, but this screams Guilty Crown.

    Picture of the day – 24/11/2015


    Version 2 of the Winter anime chart should be coming out this weekend.

    Japanese Artists – Tsukioka Tsukiho

    Tsukioka Tsukiho 1
    And here comes the master.

    Tsukioka Tsukiho (月岡月穂)

    When I was presenting Chinese artist Byakuya Reki some time ago, I had been talking about the cream of the generic stuff, as well as higher standards.
    Well, Tsukioka Tsukiho is just that: the higher standard, the level-up.

    Some of you might remember me posting a few of her artworks in the early days of Neregate. Her style has evolved a lot over the years, and it can be tricky to associate both her old and new artworks to that same artist.
    Tsukiko’s artworks usually feature mature, bishoujo/bishounen characters, with a strong focus on the clothes’ details(mostly robes/traditional stuff) and some recurring elements, like flowers or hair. The amount of detail is pretty insane, and the result is literally jaw-dropping. While different, she definitely reminds me of Japanese artist Radu on some aspects.

    There’s no particular pattern on her artworks regarding colors(except maybe the tones, which aren’t too bright) or the number of characters. As for the execution, well, it’s just as you see it. She’s gotten a lot better on proportions now(especially the faces), and you can see that she keeps challenging herself by adding more and more details on her artworks, much to everyone’s delight.

    The sad points are, she rarely publishes new content, and she removed most of her artworks on Pixiv (more than a hundred I’d say). Better throughly enjoy the new stuff whenever it comes out.

    Website :
    Tsukioka Tsukiho
    Pixiv :
    Tsukioka Tsukiho

    As a general rule, I’ll never post more than 5 pictures of an artist when I feature him/her.

    Tsukioka Tsukiho 2Tsukioka Tsukiho 3
    Tsukioka Tsukiho 4Tsukioka Tsukiho 5

    Picture of the day – 23/11/2015



    Picture of the day – 21/11/2015



    Picture of the day – 18/11/2015



    Picture of the day – 17/11/2015


    Somebody sent me an email, asking if I could re-upload some of the charts that were not accessible anymore (all those uploaded on Minus, that is). It is done.

    Beat of the week changed to Discotheque from the Rosario to Vampire anime, feat. Nana-chan. Note that the VGMDB link doesn’t point to the exact album, as it isn’t listed in the database.

    We’ll have a Japanese Artists post(or Korean, depending which one I find first) a bit later this week.

    Picture of the day – 16/11/2015



    Picture of the day – 15/11/2015



    Picture of the day – 13/11/2015



    Picture of the day – 12/11/2015



    Picture of the day – 11/11/2015


    Beat of the week changed to Flower in Green, from the Rinne no Lagrange anime. Great song.

    Picture of the day – 10/11/2015



    Picture of the day – 08/11/2015



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