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  • Winter 2014/15 Chart v3 (2014.12.30) : Winter 2014/15 Anime
  • Fall 2014 Chart v3.1 (2014.10.04) : Fall 2014 Anime
  • Summer 2014 Chart v3 (2014.06.23) : Summer 2014 Anime
  • Picture of the day – 27/01/2015



    Picture of the day – 26/01/2015


    Korean artist. Pretty good.

    [18+] Random Pictures – 25/01/2015

    [18+] 25.01.2015


    Picture of the day – 25/01/2015



    Picture of the day – 22/01/2015



    Picture of the day – 21/01/2015



    Japanese Artists post coming a bit later.

    Picture of the day – 20/01/2015


    Not that big of a deal, but I’ve moved both the git and tracker subdomains to an external server. It’s now easier for anyone to contribute and log issues, and it frees a lot of resources from my server. This’ll help for upcoming projects as well.

    Memory usage is quite high on the server already, and I will need more of it in the near future. We’re sitting in a permanent 90-100% zone right now, which is hopefully much better than before (but still nothing to be happy about).

    Not sexy. Sabadadoo.

    Picture of the day – 19/01/2015



    Picture of the day – 17/01/2015


    I was supposed to start working on the Spring chart this weekend, though I’m not sure if I’ll have time. I’ll try to start the making this Sunday evening.

    In the meantime, I took a minute to make this silly ringtone from Yuri Kuma Arashi, which you can download here.
    Now you can Kuma Shock in front of all your friends. Shabadadu.

    Picture of the day – 15/01/2015


    Still no time to do what I wanted. Oh well.

    Picture of the day – 14/01/2015


    Sorry for the lack of updates, feeling a bit ill.
    Some stuff coming Thursday though.

    Picture of the day – 11/01/2015


    Picture of the day – 07/01/2015


    The Winter season is finally starting.
    Those weeks between two seasons where no shows are broadcasted makes the wait even longer.

    Unrelated, and not exactly a nice thing to ask, but I’m looking for someone who managed to extract the resources from Nekopara’s xp3 files. Looks like these ones have a special layer of encryption that prevents the usual tools from doing their magic. Kinda wanted to make a new animated avatar, but I’m stuck. So much for buying the game twice, heh.

    Picture of the day – 05/01/2015


    Beat of the week changed to Calendula Requiem, from Shiki.

    I’ve also added a new anime to JAE post.
    Titled “until You come to me.”, this one’s an Evangelion tribute. Check it out.

    Have a great week!

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