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  • Fall 2014 Chart v1 (2014.07.23) : Fall 2014 Anime
  • Summer 2014 Chart v3 (2014.06.23) : Summer 2014 Anime
  • Spring 2014 Chart v3 (2014.03.26) : Spring 2014 Anime
  • Picture of the day – 26/07/2014


    Mahouka, Sword Art Online II, Aldnoah Zero… gotta love Saturdays.

    Picture of the day – 25/07/2014


    Actively at work on Neregate.
    It’s gonna be big.

    Fall 2014 Anime Chart v1 (2014.07.23)

    [] Fall 2014 Anime Chart v1 - Thumb

    Here is the chart for the upcoming Fall 2014 anime season. This chart will be updated every few weeks until it is considered ‘complete”.

    Before you download the chart, make sure you have read the Terms of Use section just below. Thank you.

    [English][JPG/4.73MB] [v1] Click here to download the chart

    [English][PNG/8.83MB] [v1] Click here to download the chart
    The original chart.

    - Use the URLs inside the chart ( to quickly go to an anime’s official website. You can also go to, of course.
    - “Movies” are Theatrical Releases, which means that they only air in Japanese theaters. They are not BD/DVD releases.

    Link to the Promotional Videos (PV) for the Fall season
    Coming Soon

    Terms of Use

    These terms were last modified on April 24th, 2014

    Download and/or redistribution of this chart is allowed provided you comply with the following conditions :
    - If sharing this chart on a commercial website (i.e. you charge your users for real or digital currency in exchange for a service), the following text & links must be clearly visible on your post/page where it is shared :
    Chart created by Zana at
    The following websites were used as sources of information to create the chart :
    Anime News Network
    Moon Phase
    My Anime List
    - If sharing this chart on non-commercial websites (including sites living exclusively by donations/ads), the inclusion of the above text & links is optional.
    - The terms are subject to change at any time, at the original creator’s own discretion (Zana from As such, please make sure to re-read the terms before you download the chart again.
    - Downloading this chart from another website doesn’t mean you must not follow these terms.
    - Modification of this chart is not permitted unless explicitly allowed by the original creator (Zana from However, minor modifications such as marking/highlighting shows on the chart is allowed.
    - For personal usage, any modification on this chart is permitted.

    Long story short : If sharing this chart on a professional website, you are expected to act like one and properly show credits where it is due.

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    Version 1 Release notes (2014.07.23) :

    And here we are, the first version of the Fall 2014 Anime chart.

    Some shows are still awaiting confirmation, including KanColle (which is still tentatively airing this August) so they’re not yet in the chart. They changed the studio for Expelled from Paradise, I’m not so happy about the new studio :/
    Edit : Some OVAs are missing their studios but that’s normal, I don’t want to blindly put the same studio as the TV one until I’ve confirmed those (not much of a big deal anyway). Same stuff for Shingeki.‘s list of websites has been updated with the new Fall shows.

    This release marks my 17th anime chart publication. I’m probably holding the world record regarding anime charts now >_< .

    Anyway, enjoy this first version, and as usual don't hesitate to point out anything you think is missing or incorrect: All criticism is welcome.

    Click here for full changelog

    Picture of the day – 22/07/2014


    Beat of the week changed to Salvage, from Kokoro Connect.

    I’m almost done with the Fall chart, expect a release this Wednesday.

    Picture of the day – 20/07/2014


    May just be me, but I feel like we have a really large number of nice OP/ED theme songs this Summer season (not that I mind).

    Speaking about anime seasons, I guess you’ve noticed we’re past the 20th of the month, which means it’s time for the Fall chart. I’ll be starting the making this Monday, with the usual livestreaming of the session. I had other stuff planned on the todo list, but I guess I can’t delay this any longer.


    Picture of the day – 18/07/2014



    SSL on Neregate? Your call.

    Jibril Poll

    It has come to my attention that more and more websites displaying NSFW content make HTTPS the default protocol to browse content, protecting both the privacy and the security of their users.

    Regulars know that your privacy is a major concern to me, and that I’ve already taken steps to better protect it, which includes the removal of Facebook’s widget, and the non-usage of Google Analytics (as far as my browsing goes, looks like more than 95% of the web uses it, which is pretty damn scary). Using stuff like G.A. completely kills the point of HTTPS in my opinion (although it seems many don’t realize this).
    The only noticeable trackers left are from Statscounter and Gravatar, which I believe are both safe. I will probably remove them both in the future as well (I’ll make my own Gravatar alternative for you guys to use).

    Anyway, what I wanted to know is if you guys wanted SSL (https) on all pages, including static content. That’s about an extra $60/year for me, but this is a cost I can cover, so don’t let it stop your opinion (I’d probably do something like Bitcoin donations to cover server/domains/certificate costs, but that’s still pending). Privacy is a big deal, and imo that’s a small price to pay for the peace of mind.

    I’ve opened a poll on the right sidebar. I’ll leave it open for a little while and see how it goes.

    Thanks for your time, each vote counts!

    [18+] Random Pictures – 17/07/2014

    [18+] 17.07.2014

    No uncensored version exists btw.

    Picture of the day – 17/07/2014


    So goddamn hot in here… Uncle is frying D:

    Picture of the day – 16/07/2014



    Picture of the day – 15/07/2014


    Beat of the week changed to シドニア, from Sidonia no Kishi.
    I was pretty sure I already did a BotW with that song, but my list tells me otherwise so here we go.

    Neregate Turns Four

    And here we are, once again.
    I’m one day late but whatever, I can post content in the past!

    If you feel like reading about the blog’s past, the first birthday post is right here, the second one here and the third one over here.
    Some big walls of text over there.

    We’ll go with :
    - The usual blabla
    - Birthday Event results
    - And some closing words

    Doesn’t really change from the yearly formula, but who cares.
    Side note, that kawaii neko moves when seeing the full post.

    Click here to read the full post

    Picture of the day – 13/07/2014


    Picture of the day – 12/07/2014


    Another great work from Ryosios-san.

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