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  • Spring 2014 Chart v3 (2014.03.26) : Spring 2014 Anime
  • Winter 2013/14 Chart v5 (2014.01.26) : Winter 2013/14 Anime
  • Fall 2013 Chart v3.1 (2013.10.03) : Fall 2013 Anime
  • [18+] Random Pictures – 17/04/2014

    [18+] 17.04.2014

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    Anatomy isn’t perfect, but nice pic nonetheless.

    Picture of the day – 17/04/2014


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    Picture of the day – 16/04/2014


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    Lots of things happening lately!
    I want to apologize for the website’s slowness, which has been a recurring issue over the last couple days, and is likely to continue a bit longer. From what I heard, there was a firmware bug in the data-center on which Neregate and its associated domains are hosted. Results are rather disastrous for millions of domains, with hours of downtime.

    Regulars on this blog know that I’ve been planning on moving everything to a VPS with the latest goodness in both the front-end (what the users see) and the back-end (what manages and delivers what the users see), to allow everyone to have the best possible browsing experience. It’s been somehow on hiatus for a while, but the whole configuration is about halfway done. There are like 2 main domains and 15 sub-domains to migrate, so the migration isn’t something that can happen with a simple finger snap.
    It could happen in a couple days if I were to do it quick and dirty, but that just isn’t my style. I had other plans for Neregate next month, but I’ll try to prioritize the migration first.
    Thanks for your patience while i work on to making this bad browsing experience a thing of the past.

    Now, on to the details of yesterday’s maintenance.
    The full network backup as well as the core security changes took quite longer than I expected, and brought the duration to a consecutive 8 hours instead of the original 3-6 window.

  • Over 37000 files were backed up (don’t ask me how there’s so many, I don’t know myself).
  • A lot of modules were upgraded on the back-side. You probably won’t see a difference on your side, but it’s definitely there. Given that I had to test all the front features for each upgraded module to avoid regressions, this took a little while.
  • You’ll notice that the chart widget on the sidebar is back. Finally found the module that was conflicting with the display, and hopefully it shouldn’t happen again. This was preventing me from updating any of those “tabbed” widgets, which was quite annoying.
  • Also, the Facebewk widget has been completely removed from the sidebar. The result is that no script from that domain is loaded anymore, which means FB won’t track you here anymore, better privacy for everyone. Neregate’s Twitter and FB pages can still be accessed from the links below my avatar. I invite you to check/bookmark these should the website be unavailable, cos I’ll be posting status updates on both of those social networks.

  • I also took this chance to improve the loading time of the website in general.

  • GZIP compression is now enabled for some file types, which means the server will compress some content before sending it to the client, resulting in lower load times. Neregate has a lot of images so it may not make that big of a difference, but every bit helps.
  • The number of requests to load the pages has been reduced by 25% (which is quite a lot!). This doesn’t mean the load time has been reduced by the same amount, but it should still be a bit faster (when the webhost stops slowing everything down with its data-center, that is). I guess we’ll see the difference when this month’s statistics are available.
  • Over 3000 obsolete/orphan entries were deleted from the database. This makes it less cluttered with useless content, and more responsive.

  • Last but not least, I’ll be bringing back a feature that has been requested for a long time : editable comments! The theme I’m using is quite old and uses a bizarre comments system, which makes almost any edit plugin unable to hook into the comments’ system. Still, looks like I managed to find something simple that works. I’m currently reviewing the source code before implementing it, mostly to check for possible flaws in the permissions. Hope to have this ready for Friday or Saturday.

    Well, that’s about it. Please poke me if you find anything that doesn’t work as intended, particularly the post/comments subscriptions (i.e. you’re not receiving e-mails from posts/comments you subscribed to). That’d help a lot, thank you ;)

    Picture of the day – 14/04/2014


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    Hi folks.

    Hope you’re enjoying this spring anime season as much as I do!
    It’s been a long while since I followed so many series (about 15-20?). Lots of time-killer ones, but a few surprises as well.

    Several people asked me about the Summer chart. Since the coming weekend spans over three days, I’ll take this chance to make the first version.
    People also commented and mailed me about a few inconsistencies in the Spring chart, I’ll be fixing those with a minor release this week.

    Last but not least, Neregate will undergo extended maintenance this Tuesday, which is expected to last between 3 and 6 hours. I’ve got a lot of background work to do (backup and security related), and it’s probably gonna break a lot of things.

    Have a nice week ;)

    [Sent from Nexus 4]

    [18+] Random Pictures – 13/04/2014

    [18+] 13.04.2014

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    Non Non Biyori. Who would’ve guessed? Well, not me. The doll was definitely a hint tho.

    Picture of the day – 13/04/2014


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    Picture of the day – 10/04/2014


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    Picture of the day – 07/04/2014


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    Picture of the day – 06/04/2014


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    Looks like my post scheduling didn’t work.

    Spring 2014 Anime Promotional Videos (TV Series)

    Below is a list of Promotional Videos (PV) for the upcoming 2014 Spring anime season.

    Most links are courtesy of Рёги Мана. Thank you ;)


    Last Updated : April 3rd, 2014

    Click here to view all the videos

    [18+] Random Pictures – 02/04/2014

    [18+] 02.04.2014

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    Picture of the day – 01/04/2014


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    Still no time to answer comments D:

    Spring 2014 Anime Chart v3 (Spanish) added

    Spring 2014 Anime Chart v3 Spanish

    Version 3 of the Spring 2014 Anime Chart, fully translated into Spanish by Zettai Ani.

    Spring 2014 Anime Chart v3 – Spanish
    (Translator’s chart)

    Spring 2014 Anime Chart v3
    (Original topic)

    Neregate Statistics is now live


    Because I love wasting my time on side-projects instead of doing stuff that really matters, I present to you Neregate Statistics, a small service meant to show visitors some statistics about the website, its traffic, etc. There’s only one month for now, but I’ll update it monthly as time goes by.

    Some of the data may very well surprise you (it still surprises me sometimes too) given the high figures, but that’s because the “views” counter you see on the site has some very precise criterias, unlike the log analyzers which record everything.

    Should work flawlessly on any “browser”. Users with a version of Internet Explorer below 9 won’t have access to the stats, for youknowverywellthereasons. Long story short, fuck IE.

    You can access the new service by selecting the website from the menu :


    Or by clicking on the new link below my avatar :


    Or if you’re too lazy, by clicking on this link.

    If you encounter any bug or have rendering problems, let me know! Thanks.
    I coded the entire thing over the weekend, so it may not be flawless.

    NB : Who can spot my neko?

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