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  • Summer 2015 Chart v2 (2015.05.24) : Summer 2015 Anime
  • Spring 2015 Chart v3 (2015.03.29) : Spring 2015 Anime
  • Winter 2014/15 Chart v3 (2014.12.30) : Winter 2014/15 Anime

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    Picture of the day – 26/05/2015



    Picture of the day – 25/05/2015


    Finally found the time to change the Beat of the Week, which is now X.U., the opening song from Owari no Seraph. Hmmm, good stuff.

    I’ll be sending the main email for the beta testers this week, sorry I couldn’t do that earlier.
    Lots of work to do in the next few months, the roadmap is packed.

    Have a great week!

    Picture of the day – 24/05/2015



    Summer 2015 Anime Chart v2 Released

    Summer 2015 Anime Chart v2

    Version 2.0 of the Summer 2015 Anime Chart.

    Summer 2015 Anime Chart v2.0

    Picture of the day – 23/05/2015



    Picture of the day – 21/05/2015


    I might start working on version 2 of the Summer Anime Chart this Friday if I’m not too tired. Catch the livestream later if you wish.

    Applications to beta test the next theme are now closed. Everyone should have received an email. If not, contact me. Spent 3 hours last night writing emails, I guess today will not be a very productive day…

    Picture of the day – 20/05/2015


    Spent the whole evening evaluating how broken the blog would be with the next theme… and as expected, it’s gonna be a (very) long struggle. Well, wouldn’t be fun if it wasn’t, right.

    Picture of the day – 19/05/2015


    Didn’t have time to send emails yet, sorry about that. Putting some finishing touches on my auth system first, which translates to nights being kinda short these days…

    Picture of the day – 18/05/2015


    I’m almost done coding my authentication system, so I’ll probably start (this Tuesday) responding to everyone who sent me an email about the beta so far.

    I already have many more candidates that I could hope for, so I won’t be able to take everyone in. Some of you will receive an individual answer, for everyone else I’ll respond with a mass-email. I unfortunately don’t have enough time to respond to each person individually, but know that I’m really grateful to everyone who offered their help.

    You can still send me emails if you wish, I haven’t sorted out the candidates yet.

    Thanks a bunch.

    Picture of the day – 17/05/2015



    Picture of the day – 16/05/2015


    Thanks to everyone who volunteered to be a beta tester so far. Keep the submissions coming!

    I’m currently working on my Artemis Authentication System, which will allow me to bind an authenticated user to one or several beta programs (because I have much bigger project to beta-test at a late date, among other things), as well as perform a bunch of other checks, mostly identity related.

    I expect to be done in a day or two, after which I’ll respond to everyone who send me an email about the beta participation. So don’t freak out if I didn’t respond to you yet, it’s normal.

    Picture of the day – 15/05/2015



    Beta testers wanted : Testing the next blog theme

    Update : Applications are closed. Thank you for participating!

    With Google’s (and now Microsoft) tweaks on search engine results, websites that are HTTPS and/or Responsive (i.e. mobile-friendly, for the uninitiated) get better rankings on search results.

    Changing the theme was on my to-do list for a while, but it has never been a priority, mostly due to the work involved in migrating everything.

    Current theme is quite customized, and many posts will have their layout broken when I switch themes. This involves a lot of large database queries to mass-tweak things back to normal.

    So, while it’s still not a huge priority to me, search results on popular search engines is still something that matters, and I figured I’d slowly work on it, bit by bit, rather than doing it all at once at a much later date.

    And that’s where you come in. Because the changes will be significant, some stuff will undeniably break. I probably won’t see everything, and by experience I know that only a few people actually take time to report abnormal things (and I’m thankful to them). I kinda want to avoid long-term broken things, so a few beta testers would be very welcome.

    As a beta tester, you’ll obviously have access to parts of the server not meant for casual visitors, so I’d want people who can keep things to themselves (you can do that, can you?). Well, it’s not like leaking the next theme is a big deal for a medium place like this, but breaking trust given to you is a big deal (and, mind you, trust is something located very high on my ladder of principles), so if you’re the gossip type, kindly pass your way.

    The way I see the roadmap, the work will probably span over a few months. Also, as a beta tester, don’t expect “regular” updates (regulars know how lazy and procrastinating I am). I’ll probably make a changelog to make it easy for everyone to track the changes. If you wish to quit the beta program, you can do so at anytime, no questions asked (i.e. I won’t ask why), though it’d be cool if you could drop me an email so that I can remove your access.

    So if you’re interested, Uncle would be glad to have you. You can drop me an e-mail (see below my avatar on the right sidebar) with the subject [Neregate] Beta testing the new theme, and a few words about you if you wish (that’s a bonus, and is not mandatory, though you can guess why I ask). If you have a nickname and/or an email address you often use to comment, please use this one to contact me: People I’ve seen for a while and whose personality I more or less know to be positive will get a better chance, which ain’t discriminatory in this particular case (at least I believe so?).

    I’ll leave the doors open for a few days, then send emails to the people who contacted me to let them know if they were picked or not.

    Edit : To make things clear, the testing is about finding bugs/broken stuff. You don’t need knowledge in any particular field to help out (though it can be a plus).

    If you got questions, feel free to ask them below, and Uncle will respond.

    Thanks a lot for your time and help.

    Yoroshiku Onegai Moushiagemasu.

    yoroshiku onegai moushiagemasu

    Picture of the day – 14/05/2015


    Japanese Artists post this Friday.

    Looks like it is possible for me to pay the server bills with Bitcoins now. While I was wondering if I should open donations or not, I can only pay in full (yearly payment). This means I can’t use the bitcoins unless I got enough to pay for one year, which translates to a few hundred dollars. And honestly, I don’t see that happening anytime soon. Guess I’ll postpone that idea for now.

    Oh, and version 2 of the Summer 2015 Anime Chart is planned for next weekend (~23rd May).

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