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  • Winter 2014/15 Chart v2 (2014.12.04) : Winter 2014/15 Anime
  • Fall 2014 Chart v3.1 (2014.10.04) : Fall 2014 Anime
  • Summer 2014 Chart v3 (2014.06.23) : Summer 2014 Anime
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    I’ve been meaning to try LINE for a while now, so I took some time and installed the app on my smartphone.

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    I’m kinda missing the main ingredient right now, huh. If you’ve got LINE, feel free to add me to your friends list if you wish. The id is unclezana.
    I’ll be online from time to time, so if you’ve got any questions or inquiries (including business, which I receive from time to time), ask away :>
    I won’t be doing voice calls, obviously.
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    Japanese Artists – Creayus

    Creayus 1
    C.C. is everywhere.

    Creayus (嵐月)

    Fan of C.C. from Code Geass? Then it’s your lucky day, as maybe 90% of Creayus’ artworks are about her in all sorts of fashions, poses, and parodies. His unwavering C.C. devotion put aside, Creayus’ works are pretty good. His art has evolved quite a bit over the past 4 years, and he’s now more comfortable in trying different styles, as shown on his Pixiv.
    Speaking about Pixiv, you’ll regularly find some “manga” posts (that’s how Pixiv designates them) with about 70 “more or less complete” sketches inside. Seeing the sheer amount of different poses, clothes, and character expressions, you can tell that he’s been practicing a lot, and hopefully this seems to pay off.

    I don’t have much to say about the style, which doesn’t have anything really “unique” to itself compared to others artists I’ve featured before, tho it’s still pretty solid of course (not unique doesn’t mean bad, far from it!). I really like him using C.C. to parody characters from Danganronpa, KanColle, and too many others to count: The result is always worth the time!

    Another great artist for your collection.

    Website :

    Pixiv ID :

    As a general rule, I’ll never post more than 5 pictures of an artist when I feature him/her.

    Creayus 2Creayus 3
    Creayus 4Creayus 5

    Picture of the day – 20/12/2014


    A Japanese Artists post is coming next, along with a little something else.

    Picture of the day – 18/12/2014



    Picture of the day – 16/12/2014



    Picture of the day – 15/12/2014


    Beat of the week changed to Beautiful world. Really great song, I recommend.

    I’ll be answering comments a bit later (sorry for the delay). Things are pretty hectic, and I’m terribly tired these days.
    Hopefully my holidays are coming soon. I’ll have more time to work on stuff, secret projects among others.

    I’ll try to work on the Winter PV List this Tuesday.

    Have a great week!

    Picture of the day – 13/12/2014


    I believe someone asked me for an Akame ga Kill! PotD so there you go.
    Browsed the entire Pixiv section related to the anime, and there weren’t that many keepers.

    Just updated the Japan Animator Expo post with two new anime shorts. Enjoy!

    I’ll be publishing the list of Promotional Videos for the Winter anime season pretty soon as well.

    [18+] Random Pictures – 13/12/2014

    [18+] 13.12.2014


    Picture of the day – 08/12/2014



    [18+] Random Pictures – 07/12/2014

    [18+] 07.12.2014


    Picture of the day – 06/12/2014



    Winter 2014/2015 Anime Chart v2 Released

    Winter 2014-2015 Anime Chart v2

    Version 2.0 of the Winter 2014/2015 Anime Chart.

    Winter 2014/2015 Anime Chart v2.0

    Picture of the day – 02/12/2014



    Picture of the day – 01/12/2014


    Beat of the week changed to Vespertine Bloom. Great song from Mahouka.

    The v2 of the Winter chart can be expected in a day or two.

    Have a great week!

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