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  • Fall 2014 Chart v3.1 (2014.10.04) : Fall 2014 Anime
  • Summer 2014 Chart v3 (2014.06.23) : Summer 2014 Anime
  • Spring 2014 Chart v3 (2014.03.26) : Spring 2014 Anime
  • Picture of the day – 30/10/2014



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    Ugh… Was too exhausted to work on the chart last evening.
    Guess I’ll have to continue next evening.

    Beat of the week changed to Le jour. Pretty good song, aside from the French-butchered sentences at the end of the anime’s opening sequence. Seriously, can’t they at least ask someone to proof-read their stuff?

    [18+] Random Pictures – 26/10/2014

    [18+] 26.10.2014


    Picture of the day – 26/10/2014



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    Picture of the day – 18/10/2014


    Small portfolio but excellent art. Chinese artist.

    Picture of the day – 15/10/2014



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    Picture of the day – 13/10/2014


    Beat of the week changed to BROKEN MIRROR, by BOOM BOOM SATELLITES.
    With a name like that, you can’t not remember it.

    The Winter 2014/2015 Anime Chart is coming this weekend or the one after.
    Not sure whether or not to add genres and episode numbers to the new chart, as it already is a lot of work (especially with the OVA section).

    I’ll be answering comments later this Monday. On a business trip right now, my time is kinda limited.

    Picture of the day – 10/10/2014



    Japanese Artists – Miwabe Sakura

    Miwabe Sakura 1
    Classic, but solid stuff.

    Miwabe Sakura (みわべさくら)

    Miwabe Sakura is a professional artist with a large portfolio behind her. Many of her works are linked to Studio Particle, where I believe she’s the exclusive artist.
    Ironically, her art is not so unique, as I’ve come across many artists with a style very similar to hers. The eyes would probably be the unique way to recognize her art among the rest of the tribe.

    Despite this, she manages to stand out from the crowd! And the reason is: her works are extremely solid.
    The characters are well drawn, and the colors matches the art perfectly. She can do either simple or complex backgrounds (as illustrated with the top picture here) as well. Clothes’ textures will sometimes be plain, sometimes refined.
    Miwabe’s strength lies in her ability to draw a large variety of things. A good example would be this page, which showcases a wide variety of characters with different hairstyles, fashionable clothes, fancy poses and, of course, cuteness factors.

    The above points lead to excellent artworks, as shown on her Pixiv and website.
    An artist you want to follow!

    Website :

    Pixiv ID :

    As a general rule, I’ll never post more than 5 pictures of an artist when I feature him/her.

    Miwabe Sakura 2Miwabe Sakura 3
    Miwabe Sakura 4Miwabe Sakura 5

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