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  • Fall 2014 Chart v2 (2014.08.24) : Fall 2014 Anime
  • Summer 2014 Chart v3 (2014.06.23) : Summer 2014 Anime
  • Spring 2014 Chart v3 (2014.03.26) : Spring 2014 Anime
  • Picture of the day – 17/09/2014



    Picture of the day – 16/09/2014


    Beat of the week changed to Kimi Janakya Dame Mitai.

    In case you guys forgot, the v3 of the Fall chart is planned for this weekend. Come say hello on the livestream if you feel like it.

    Have a great week!

    Picture of the day – 15/09/2014



    New homepage for Neregate

    New Logo

    This won’t change your life, but for me this is something I’ve been wanting to do for years (just the usual laziness getting in the way). The old design was ugly as hell, with that lone unskinned button top-left of the page… ugh. Good riddance.

    Neregate now has a brand new design on its homepage. After several iterations, I decided to go for a minimalistic design approach, while still implementing some nice effects for compliant browsers (anything but IE, to sum it up), without too much overhead (200kb download total).
    It should fall back nicely if you have JavaScript disabled, or if your browser is outdated. Untested, but it should do OK on smartphones & tablets too.

    Now we’ll have some nice blue pixies floating around the screen that change to a deep purple color when hovering over the logo (that shines too).

    You can head over to the homepage and see for yourself.
    Hope you guys will like the new design as much as I do.

    Side note, but I did a slight change to the favicon too, it now has a slight black border around it. I’m thinking of changing the favicon, but that’s not a priority for now.

    Yours truly,


    [18+] Random Pictures – 14/09/2014

    [18+] 14.09.2014

    Thigh Highs week : Extra

    Picture of the day – 14/09/2014


    Thigh Highs week : Day 7

    You can’t call that a Thigh Highs week without including Shirley’s lovely figure, can you.

    I had many more pics to show, but I guess that’s it. Most pictures have Thigh Highs in them anyway, so it won’t be long before we see another one.

    [18+] Random Pictures – 13/09/2014

    [18+] 13.09.2014

    Thigh Highs week : Extra

    (Not Kantoku)

    Picture of the day – 13/09/2014


    Thigh Highs week : Day 6

    Picture of the day – 12/09/2014


    Thigh Highs week : Day 5

    Picture of the day – 11/09/2014


    Thigh Highs week : Day 4

    Fall 2014 Anime Chart v2 (Spanish) added

    Fall 2014 Anime Chart v2 Spanish

    Version 2 of the Fall 2014 Anime Chart, fully translated into Spanish by Zettai Ani.

    Fall 2014 Anime Chart v2 – Spanish
    (Translator’s chart)

    Fall 2014 Anime Chart v2
    (Original topic)

    Picture of the day – 10/09/2014


    Thigh Highs week : Day 3

    Original looked a tad blurry, so I did a bit of post-processing.
    Most people wouldn’t see a difference, but it’s definitely there (and that blur was annoying me!).

    Picture of the day – 09/09/2014


    Thigh Highs week : Day 2

    Beat of the week changed to aLIEz, Aldnoah Zero’s ending theme. Been waiting for this one for a while!

    I’ll be answering comments and emails a bit later, it’s quite the rush right now.

    Have a great week!

    Picture of the day – 08/09/2014


    Thigh Highs week : Day 1

    And this, all week long. Goodness time.

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