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  • Fall 2014 Chart v3.1 (2014.10.04) : Fall 2014 Anime

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    Picture of the day – 01/03/2015


    All right, I hope your mailboxes are ready cos it looks like I found a fix for that email problem (well, more like a workaround to be honest).
    Still working on the v2 of the Spring chart, next session Monday evening (GMT).

    Picture of the day – 26/02/2015



    Picture of the day – 25/02/2015



    Picture of the day – 23/02/2015


    Partially figured out what is causing the emails not to be sent. I still have no idea what caused the email system to stop working though.
    Doesn’t look like the fix will be a simple task either… sigh.

    Picture of the day – 21/02/2015


    Short maintenance Monday, there should be little to no downtime.
    Got to patch a couple things.
    I’ll be working on the v2 of the Spring chart next weekend as well.

    Picture of the day – 18/02/2015


    It looks like I won’t have time to fix the email problem before Monday. Sorry for the trouble.

    [18+] Random Pictures – 15/02/2015

    [18+] 15.02.2015


    Picture of the day – 14/02/2015



    Picture of the day – 13/02/2015


    Still trying to figure out what’s causing the emails not to be sent.
    Works fine internally, but not on the blog. Oh well.

    Picture of the day – 12/02/2015



    Picture of the day – 11/02/2015


    There seem to be a problem with the mail server not sending emails. I’ll investigate later today.

    There’s also a problem with my anivatar conflicting with the menu on top (wtf?). I’ll have to check that out as well.

    Picture of the day – 10/02/2015



    Japanese Artists – Peragura

    Peragura 1
    All in one.

    Peragura (ぺらぐら)

    Another one of my favorites.
    Regulars might remember seeing a few of Peragura’s artworks on PotD posts in the past.

    While this kind of art style has been presented a few times already (like with Miwabe Sakura), this one scores extra points because it has all of the following : Kemonomimis, lolis, thighhighs, pantsu, mizugis and ecchiness (can’t be more perfect, can it).
    Peragura’s style can be recognized by its bright color palette, its sharp lines, as well as more subtle details like the blush/mouth/tongue colors, which tend to be closer to pink than the conventional red color out there. Skin coloring is another point as well.
    The end result are pictures with a bright/cheerful tone, usually depicting ladies in all sorts of delicious poses.

    This definitely gets a high score on the Shabadadoo meter.

    Website :

    Pixiv ID :

    As a general rule, I’ll never post more than 5 pictures of an artist when I feature him/her.

    Peragura 2Peragura 3
    Peragura 4Peragura 5

    Picture of the day – 08/02/2015



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