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    Picture of the day – 26/04/2015



    Picture of the day – 23/04/2015



    Taiwanese Artists – Fangxiang Cuoluan

    Fangxiang Cuoluan 1
    Taiwan got talent too.

    Fangxiang Cuoluan (方向錯亂)

    A while ago, I was looking for girls in combat suits, which eventually led me to this artist. You’ll see many of those (combat suits I mean) with Fangxiang’s artworks, but that’s not all he does. You’ll have some works with dresses as well, and they’re just as good.
    He actually has quite a great taste regarding clothes design, and those always look gorgeous and fashionable. The proportions are there, the girls look classy, the choice of colors is always spot on.

    His art is easy to recognize, especially by looking at the way the hair is colored: one base color, then you have some areas that get brighter and brighter with nearly-white spots at the end. Eyelashes, eyebrows, and of course the clothes’ designs also make his works easy to spot.

    His portfolio is unfortunately a little poor, but the high resolutions hopefully compensate for that.

    Another high score on the Shabadadoo meter.

    Website :

    Pixiv ID :

    As a general rule, I’ll never post more than 5 pictures of an artist when I feature him/her.

    Fangxiang Cuoluan 2 Fangxiang Cuoluan 3
    Fangxiang Cuoluan 4 Fangxiang Cuoluan 5

    Picture of the day – 22/04/2015



    Picture of the day – 21/04/2015



    Picture of the day – 20/04/2015


    Won’t be able to finish that Taiwanese Artists post before I get to work, so this’ll be for Tuesday.

    Beat of the week changed to Lapis Lazuli, the ending song from the currently airing anime Arslan Senki.
    Great stuff! I’m also waiting for the opening of Owari no Seraph to be released, that should be near the end of May. Expect it as a Beat of the week when it’s out.

    A little while ago, some of you had problems receiving the daily emails from post categories you subscribed to. I had found a workaround at that time, but I didn’t have the answer as to what caused the emails not to be sent anymore. Looks like I finally narrowed down the cause, and the fix isn’t easy. However, as it looks like a few subscribers (about 5 or 6) still do not receive any new email with my current workaround, I’ll try to find a way to implement a definitive fix. Now that I know what’s causing it, it should hopefully be resolved soon.

    Have a great week!

    Picture of the day – 19/04/2015


    No higher resolution available, bear with me.

    Got an ‘Another Artistic Side’ post planned for this Monday. Taiwanese this time.

    Picture of the day – 18/04/2015


    Version 1 of the Summer 2015 Anime Chart is planned for the next weekend.
    I’ll be livestreaming the entire making as usual.

    Getting some new music to listen to for the occasion as well.
    I always listen to the same stuff (who doesn’t), so this kind of change isn’t bad once in a while.

    Picture of the day – 16/04/2015



    Picture of the day – 15/04/2015


    Had some Internet problems for the last few days, but now I’m back in business.

    There’s been an explosion of Hestia artworks on the web in the past couple weeks, you wouldn’t believe it.
    No need to guess why though.

    Picture of the day – 14/04/2015



    Picture of the day – 13/04/2015



    Picture of the day – 12/04/2015


    Maid Week : Day 7

    Picture of the day – 11/04/2015


    Maid Week : Day 6

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